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10 Gift Ideas for Seniors

The blog10 Gift Ideas for Seniors

AIC International

29 November 2018

Christmas parties are the time of year when older people like to find their families and share moments of conviviality. Christmas is very often for seniors the most important holiday of the year, synonymous with sharing and reunion. Are you running out of gift ideas for your parents, grandparents, friends, relationships, neighbors? You don’t know what might be useful to them and make them happy?

Not easy to choose a gift adapted to the needs and well-being of the seniors. They do not have the same desires, tastes or needs in their daily lives, and often have already ”All that is needed”. Our brands Hestec®, Orium® and Mundus® offer you some gift ideas suitable for seniors and gifts that can also make their daily life easier!


10 Gift Ideas for Seniors

1- Talking clocks or clock, with time markers Orium®

What better than a clock to answer the problems of temporal landmarks. So according to our models, the clock shows the time (24 hours), the full date (day, date, month and year) in all letters and in the order of play. Our Orium® clocks are also developed to adapt to other age-related disorders such as vision or hearing disorder. Indeed, for visual impairments, the information is in large print with a perfect light and contrast that ensure a good reading and a good readability from afar. For hearing impairments, we offer clock and alarm clocks with voice announcements.


2- The stockings puller Stockeez of the Hestec® brand

Many old people have to put down compression stockings daily. Why not offer senior citizens a helping hand to maintain autonomy in clothing? The Stockeez (product awarded with a bronze medal at the Silver Show this year) allows you to easily and self-thread the compression stockings, quietly, without lowering and avoiding musculoskeletal disorders.


3- Ergonomic kitchen accessories Hestec®

For seniors with gripping or osteoarthritis problems, we advise you to offer kitchen instruments : electric box opener, ergonomic cutlery, 5 in 1 bottle opener, electric vegetable peeler… These accessories are designed to be easy to use. They allow the elderly to remain autonomous in their daily lives and to facilitate movements becoming more complicated.


4- Pillbox for the proper taking of medications Hestec®

There are pillboxes of any kind, for all functions or uses, to facilitate the taking of daily medications, in particular the pillboxes with alarm.


5- Safety Packs Detectys and Libertys Hestec®

Ideal for securing the home maintenance of seniors, the Detectys safety pack makes it possible to secure the house with its smoke detector and a carbon monoxide detector and its alarm.  The Libertys pack, for people with vision and hearing impairments, allows you to alert in case of smoke detection, fire…


6- Night Light Hestec®

Many seniors are moving at night, and these trips are often riskier. To reduce the risk of falls, we offer watchers, fixed, nomadic or with presence detector…


7- Magnifying Glass Hestec®

Reading is a source of pleasure for many seniors, but they often have vision problems. Hestec has selected products that provide excellent readability : magnifying glass, electronic magnifying glasses, pocket magnifying glasses…


8- Phone large keys or a memo phone Hestec®

One of the needs of seniors is to keep in touch with loved ones. This makes it possible to maintain social ties. Senior citizens are looking for simplicity, connectivity and security in the face of new technologies. The large-key photo phone makes it easy to dial numbers.


9- Ergonomic tools for gardening Mundus®

Gardening is an important activity for seniors.  In order to prevent falls, lumbago and hurting by folding knees, we offer a range of tools for comfort in the garden: pick-sheets, ergonomic dibber, garden seat on wheels, ergonomic gardening claw…


10- Well-being accessories Hestec®

Products that bring well-being on a daily basis and on the move, the seniors moving more and more. These products will bring comfort and ease. Products such as the denture box, the nail clipper with its magnifying glass in its pouch, but also inflatable travel cushions, head massagers, belts or heated shoulder pads…