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AIC international, always looking for the right product !

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AIC International

20 May 2019

The products team of AIC international and his manager, Mr Christophe DELANGUE, return from international fairs in Asia in order to find the right product that can satisfy you. For three weeks, Kms and Kms of walking in these fairs in order to find and meet the right supplier, to look for the product corresponding to the expectations of the consumer, the good factory, the good price. It is also during these events that we realize the global trends and discover the essential novelties. It’s a real Ant job, but AIC International has mastered this for over 28 years !

Factory visits, quality controls were also carried out. It is, indeed, essential to visit the site in order to exchange with the different suppliers on the solicitations of our customers and the constraints of our markets. It is also important to control plants and maintain relationships with manufacturers. Our know-how and our requirement to our selection criteria guarantees the quality of our products.

AIC International, Simple to be Smart !