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AIC International participates in the 10th edition of the Silver Show 2018

The blogAIC International participates in the 10th edition of the Silver Show 2018

AIC International

12 October 2018

The 11/09/18, Christophe Delangue, manager of AIC International, presented to the validation team of the Silver Show in Paris, 2 products: the Ephéméris Clock and the stockings puller Stokeez, in the category "Best services to Seniors".

Good First News: Our 2 products have been pre selected and therefore validated! Now we have to wait  on October 2nd to know the 3 finalists products rewarding the supplier innovations, but also the services and products improving the quality of life of the seniors and/or the efficiency and the health care staff.

Presentation of the 2 pre-selected products:

The Stockeez of the brand HESTEC ®: The compression stockings puller. Donning its stockings or having the restraints put on by caregivers becomes much easier!

The Stockeez is adaptable, ergonomic, exists in 2 sizes, has a stability hook and allows to increase the duration of the stockings!

The user remains seated, without lowering and in 4 movements, he can in all autonomy put on his stockings !

For the caregiver, thanks to the Stockeez and its ergonomics, to put on the stockings becomes faster, avoiding musculoskeletal disorders!

Exclusive patented product!


The Ephéméris clock of the brand ORIUM ®: The solution for a time marker in case of cognitive impairment !

Wide display of the date in all letters, in 24h format, and in order (day, date, month, year). Very good visibility at more than 30 meters, thanks to the height of the characters and the contrast: yellow letters on a black background.

Easy to install: to rest or to hang on. Works on 220V. It is equipped with DST technology : The Daylight Saving Time. The display of the months of 28, 29.30 and 31 days has been set. The setting is ultra simple with 3 buttons on the back and a clear explanatory notice.

The senior or dependent person becomes more self-sufficient, so it can be easier to spot during the day, and is therefore less disoriented.

The caregiver is less solicited to know the time, day, month, year and therefore has more time for other activities. In addition, it no longer needs to manage the changes of hours.

Exclusive product developed by AIC International with the help of an occupational therapist and the Gérontopôle of the Pays de la Loire.

Horloge Ephéméris Jaune DST (EN)

Horloge Ephéméris Jaune DST (EN)