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Alzheimer’s Clock: The Solution Orium®!

The blogAlzheimer’s Clock: The Solution Orium®!


23 October 2019

In order to remedy the temporal reference problems caused by Alzheimer's disease, a simple and effective solution: Orium clocks®!

Alzheimer's disease is a degenerative disease that causes progressive loss of memory and cognitive orientation. It is due to the degeneration of neurons. This disease affects about 1% of people aged 65 to 69, 20% of people aged 85 to 89 and 40% of people aged 90 to 95. Due to the extension of life expectancy, this disease is unfortunately becoming more and more common!

With the evolution of the age, seniors suffering from daily temporal disorientation regularly question themselves or constantly call on their caregivers. They question or question in order to know the time of day and to have a temporal mark. Is it time for showering, lunch, dinner, the nurse's visit, taking medication, soap opera on TV....??? What day is it? The paper calendar can become complicated in use....

This temporal disorientation creates a state of stress and fatigue in some people. And this can lead to annoyance, impatience, a waste of time, because these temporal demands can become incessant and repetitive... The establishment of time markers becomes essential for anyone with Alzheimer's, for the autonomy of seniors on a daily basis, but also for professional or personal caregivers.

Clocks, alarm clocks, ORIUM® watches provide solutions for both individuals and specialized establishments. Indeed, what could be better than a clock to respond to the problems of temporal benchmarks?

Orium® offers a nice array of clocks that according to the models display the whole day, in full (and in different languages), the date, the year, and all this in order so as not to disorient the person. The day, the date, the month automatically change thanks to the perpetual calendar. No questions to ask, no manipulation to do!

Some models display the day of the week with the time of day. Other clocks, data with large characters and can be of different colors to make reading easier. The temperature can also be displayed on certain references. Some clocks specify the time of day: morning, noon, afternoon, evening, night. Others are visible in order to be readable at night. If necessary, the date displays can be multilingual. Models with digital displays, others with needles...

Clocks to lay, others to attach to the wall, classic round models or rectangular shapes, classic or larger diameters. Battery-powered models, others on sector. Different technologies, some of which allow for perfect accuracy and automatic time-switching when changing winter or summer time. More or less silent movements. Wake-up call or talking watches. Very simple uses so as not to complicate and avoid too many manipulations.

Radio-controlled clock Austin

Radio-controlled clock Austin

7days clock

7days clock

Horloge Silencieuse Luci Ø33 (EN)

Horloge Silencieuse Luci Ø33 (EN)

Working in collaboration with associations for seniors and an occupational therapist, our clocks are designed and studied in order to best meet the expectations of clients. Our brand Orium®, a leading brand on the market, registered in 1996, has a reputation and real expertise. The brand complies with the various standards in force.

Orium® is a brand offering clocks that make everyday life easier!

So, depending on the needs, you will find at Orium®, the clock, the alarm clock, the watch corresponding to the requested expectations.

Our sales teams are at your disposal to answer your questions about our range of clocks. Don't hesitate to ask them by email: or by phone: +33 (0)228.230.651

Orium®, Live Full Time!