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An unrivaled range of ORIUM® clocks

The blogAn unrivaled range of ORIUM® clocks


31 July 2020

Orium® has mastered the marketing of clocks for 30 years !

Indeed, the clock is the origin of the company AIC International. A renewed range, thought out, expanded, improved over time in response to changing market demands, trends and technology. Which is why Orium® its notoriety.

Orium® is a registered trademark and offers a range recognized, complete and acclaimed by buyers. A wide collection of more than 350 references, ranging from the basic clock to the advanced controlled radio clock, sharp motion offering a set to the hour to the nearest second and automatic summer/winter time changes.

Clocks with analog, alphanumeric, digital, LED displays, coloured dials, small or large formats, light displays, silent movements, pose or mural, with small discrete figures or large numbers that can easily be read from afar… A range of clocks adapted, in order to be able to locate themselves in time, with the display also of days and date or with visual cues, is a great success.

Discover the Orium offer® and find the clocks that meet your expectations and needs.

Our teams are at your disposal throughout the summer to answer your expectations and questions, and to prepare quietly for the september season. Our clocks are stored in our warehouses in St Luce on Loire and therefore a quick delivery can be ensured.

Please contact us by email: or by phone: +33 (0) 228.230.651