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Changing the season, Mundus® solar lighting even in winter !

The blogChanging the season, Mundus® solar lighting even in winter !


04 November 2019

With the time change, night falls earlier! Light up winter evenings and your outdoors with Mundus® solar lighting!

With the switch to winter time, night falls much earlier! This makes our exteriors more cafareous and sad. In order to illuminate and beautify gardens, balconies, terraces, flowerbeds, courtyards, driveways, house entrances, ... we recommend our range of Mundus® sun decorations and lighting!

These decorations recharge with solar energy thanks to the built-in solar panels. No work to do, no wires to pull. Quite simply, your exteriors will light up as soon as night falls! Some models are equipped with amorphous solar panels, allowing to recharge even with little sunlight.

Solar decorations that will magically start on their own as soon as dusk. This will create a magical atmosphere in the gardens and outdoors thanks to the light plays emitted. It can be fun to position them in front of walls, which will give a "Chinese shadows" effect in the evening when lighting! Dressing the aisles with solar bollards, allows you to mark a path, secure and magically animate the passage! Highlight the massifs in the winter, in an ecological way, without spending electricity, thanks to the "magical" Mundus ®, which will automatically light up at nightfall. Animate the terraces and balconies with fun decorations, such as decorations in the shape of animals, flowers or latest innovations: solar Buddhas.

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A range of Mundus solar lighting® is also available. No work to undertake, no wires to pull and as if by magic, the solar spots will light up as soon as the evening arrives. If they are equipped with motion detection, they will automatically light up when you arrive. Clever, secure and economical, when you go, for example, to look for wood in the shed at the bottom of the garden!

Our commercial services will be delighted to inform you about our range of Decorations, Terminals and Solar Lighting Mundus®!

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