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Ecological wasp Repellent: the Waspinator!

The blogEcological wasp Repellent: the Waspinator!

New product

22 January 2019

A novelty that will make noise: the Waspinator!

The ecological repellent anti wasps, repellent only thanks to its visual appearance! The use of pesticides or chemicals is over!

By its shape, its fibrous and multilayer appearance, the Waspinator looks like a wasp's nest! It is important to know that the behaviour of the Wasps is very territorial and that a wasp never approaches the nest of another colony. Indeed, she knows that she would be in danger and that the defenders of the nest would kill her! Therefore, instinctively the wasp by perceiving the Waspinator, identifies it as a danger and therefore will not approach it! A formidable efficiency is reflected within a radius of 6 meters around the Waspinator thus creating up to 110 m2 without any wasps.

On the other hand, unlike other solutions, the Waspinator, does not kill the wasps, do not hurt them, do not trap them, it repels them (so no dead or dying wasps to pick up!). The Wasps will continue their "mission" useful in the garden by pollinating the flowers, eliminating some insects, such as aphids... while leaving the private individuals during meals, naps...
Proven by scientific tests, recommended by more than 250,000 satisfied customers, the Waspinator is easy to install, easy to carry, requires no maintenance. Used in the garden, under the parasol, in the trees, in the air of games, at camping, at the beach, in picnic...
As soon as a Waspinator is installed, the Wasps memorize its position and do not return, the tranquility is then ensured for the season!

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