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Hearing Health Week at Work in France : October 14-18

The blogHearing Health Week at Work in France : October 14-18


15 October 2019

The problem of hearing loss or loss does not necessarily mean old age ! 10% of the population would experience hearing loss. However, the problem of Hearing can be harmful on a daily basis. It can also be synonymous with socio-economic dysfunction.


Exposure to noise scans from work and daily life can cause fatigue, stress and concentration problems. It can also affect the quality of work, or in some cases be dangerous and have consequences for the employee’s health.


The Well Being and comfort of the Daily are the leitmotif of our range of products marketed under the brand Hestec®. Trademark registered for more than 10 years by AIC International, brand orchestrated by our Product Managers, anxious to find quality products at the right price. Our Hestec ® product range, offers, among other things, solutions that can provide solutions to improve the daily lives of people experiencing hearing disorders.


A wide range of listening amplifiers has been worked on, providing comfort to people with hearing loss. These amplifiers, ear contour or intra ear, allow to amplify sounds, thus facilitating hearing for optimal listening comfort.


For information :

In France, a listening amplifier does not require a prescription and can be adapted to anyone who wants to benefit from an amplified and improved sound. It filters out parasitic noises and amplifies only useful sounds. The listening amplifier improves listening accuracy in certain everyday situations. In France, deafness affects nearly 5 million people who, because of their disability, find themselves sidelined. Only 15% of them have a device.


Our Hestec® product line also includes:

  •  Phone ringtone amplifiers
  • Conversation listening amplifiers


The Range is regularly updated. You are a Professional, do not hesitate to consult our sales teams who will inform you about our product offers. Tel: + 33 (0)228.230.651 Mail:

Hestec®, And it’s Easier!