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Hedgehog House: Protect the vegetable garden’s ally!

The blogHedgehog House: Protect the vegetable garden’s ally!

New product

19 November 2019

Hedgehog house: in addition to being cute, the hedgehog is the perfect ally to save your vegetable garden! He will be a strong advocate of your salads by eating the slugs that attack them! Discover the perfect shelter to take care of it and make your garden a real hedgehog refuge.

This friendly mammal is a true hunter: caterpillars, centipedes, earthworms and other insects make up the bulk of its diet but it also eats slugs and snails that could attack your vegetable garden.


If you are environmentally conscious and want to grow in an environmentally friendly way, without pesticides harmful to plants, the hedgehog is the ideal partner!


Unfortunately, this small mammal is increasingly rare in our gardens and the life of the hedgehog is not easy. This small animal is gradually disappearing from our regions and for causes:

  • Direct ingestion of pesticides in gardens and crops
  • Accidents due to road traffic
  • Predators (owl, fox, wild boar, buzzard, snoop…)
  • Infectious diseases…

How can we help them?

How best to shelter a hedgehog family in your garden? Especially not by capturing them in the wild! The hedgehog has been a protected animal since the April 23, 2007 french order. It is forbidden to destroy, capture, transport or remove the hedgehog throughout The French territory.

On the other hand, to protect them and keep them in your garden, offer him the lodging! Install a hedgehog house in your garden, ideally near a country hedge, a pile of wood, or near compost on a pile of dead leaves.

This Mundus® brand hedgehog shelter, with a bark roof and two compartments, is perfect for completely protecting the hedgehog from predators and ensuring a long and beautiful life!


For more information, please contact our sales department, by Mail: or by Tel: +33 (0) 228.230.651