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March 14, 2019 : The French National Hearing Day

The blogMarch 14, 2019 : The French National Hearing Day


06 March 2019

In France, deafness affects nearly 5 million people. Because of their handicap, these people are put away from all social life. Only 15% of them have a device.

Loss of 20 to 69 decibels: those who are hard of hearing

  • Deafness  "Light " from-20 to-39 decibels (only hears a conversation if only one person speaks normally)
  • Deafness  "Average " from-40 to-69 decibels (only hears a conversation if only one person speaks loudly)

Loss greater than 70 decibels: These are deaf people

  • Deafness  "severe " from-70 to-89 decibels (speech is perceived only loudly by the ear)
  • Deafness  "deep " from-90 to-119 decibels (speech is no longer perceived at all)
  • Deafness  "Total " from-120 decibels (no sound is perceived)

Solutions !

The hearing amplifier or listening assistant, is a mini headset amplifying the sounds useful for optimum hearing comfort. A listening amplifier does not require a prescription and can be adapted to all people who wish to benefit from an amplified and improved sound. It filters out noises and amplifies only useful sounds. It improves the accuracy of listening in certain situations of everyday life. The Listening assistant is not a medical device, it is aimed at an audience wishing to have a point hearing aid, in difficult listening situations, for example:

  • To watch television without having to increase the sound and thus without posing any discomfort to its entourage.
  • To follow a conversation in difficult conditions without having to repeat the caller.
  • To attend a show when the acoustic conditions are not very good or the sound is disturbed.

The brand Hestec®, whose dynamic is  "and it's easier! " offers a nice range of amplifiers, ear or intra-ear, as well as headphones providing help to hear better.

For all professional information, do not hesitate to consult our commercial services at + 33 (0)228.230.651 or by email