CO2 Air Quality Monitor Quaelis 16

Indoor Air QualityCO2 Air Quality Monitor Quaelis 16

CO2 Air Quality Monitor Quaelis 16

CO2 Air Quality Monitor Quaelis 16
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CO2 monitor for Indoor Air Quality:

- Enables continuous monitoring: for measures and value display.

- Ideal for professionnal environment (office, schools, ERP...).

- Compact and discrete shape.
- Customisable alarms: sound + color values.
- Data recording.
- Rechargeable battery.

Technical data

  • Color White and Black
  • Dimensions in cm 11 x 6 x 11
  • Power supply 1* lithium 2000 mAh 3.7 V
  • Net weight (G) 210
  • Material ABS
  • Standards CE, ROHS
  • Guarantee 2 years

Detailed description

Quaelis 16 enables continuous monitoring of CO2 concentration in the room. Measures are displayed on screen.
It enables to comply with law decree n° 2015-1000 du 17 août 2015 regarding Indoor Air Quality monitoring process.
Real-time monitoring: display CO2 concentration values permanently.
Measure range: up to 9999 ppm.
Resolution: 1 ppm.
Technology: NDIR sensor. Manual calibration system.
Color screen LED (diameter 7 cm) for high contrast (coloured digits on black background) and good readibility.
Digits height: 2 cm (CO2) and 1 cm (temperature and humidity).
2 customisable alarms:
- Audible alarm. Can be deactivated.
- Color digits for CO2 concentration display. User can customise the color of CO2 value.
Default color value settings:
- Green: up to 600 ppm.
- Orange: from 601 to 1199 ppm.
- Red: from 1200 ppm.
Data recording to export and store on computer. Enables up to 12 700 data records.
Additionnal features: temperature, humidity and calendar.
Rechargeable lithium 2000 mAh 3.7V battery (USB cable and 230V adaptor supplied). Low battery indicator.

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