CO2 clock Quaelis 14

Indoor Air QualityCO2 clock Quaelis 14

CO2 clock Quaelis 14

CO2 clock Quaelis 14
  • Ref.11295


Clock and indoor air quality monitor.

- Continuous monitoring of CO2: continuous measurements and display.
- Ideal for large rooms (offices, warehouse, ERP ...).
- Sound alarm and visual indicator.
- Large digits display: good readibility visibility from a distance.

- Orium Exclusivity.

Technical data

  • Color black
  • Dimensions in cm 40 x 36 x 4
  • Power supply 220 V + CR2032
  • Net weight (G) 1500
  • Material aluminum and glass
  • Standards CE, ROHS
  • Guarantee 3 years

Detailed description

The Quaelis 14 clock is a 2 in 1 product: it displays the time and the CO2 concentration of the room.
Convenient for setting up air quality monitoring:
- In order to meet the new Covid health protocols in classrooms and shops.
- In the regulatory system for monitoring the quality of indoor air in establishments open to the public. Decree n 2015-1000 of August 17, 2015 (Grenelle II law).
Clock function:
- Time display in 24 hour format.
Indoor air quality monitor function:
- The Quaelis 14 continuously analyzes and measures the CO2 concentration in the room (values indicated: up to 5000 ppm). Technology: NDIR sensor.
- To facilitate reading and understanding of the measurements, colored icons (green, yellow and red) indicate the actions to be taken (renew air or leave the room) :
Green: from 0 600 ppm.
Yellow: from 601 to 1200 ppm.
Red: greater than 1200 ppm.
- In addition a sound alarm can be set up according to the defined alert limit. The alarm is customizable (depending on the desired CO2 detection threshold) and can be deactivated.
Additional functions:
- For hygrothermic comfort: the Quaelis 14 also enables to display the temperature and humidity level of the room.
- These two indicators enable to monitor the quality of the air so that it is not too dry and not too humid.
The Quaelis 14 clock has been designed to ensure easy readability of information even from a distance.
Large display of the numbers:
- Height of the time digits: 7.6 cm.
- Height of the CO2 digits: 5.8 cm.
- Height of the temperature and humidity digits: 4.5 cm.
- Perfect contrast: white LEDs and color icons on an intense black background.
The clock can be fixed to the wall or to be placed on a table (feet provided).
Orium Exclusivity.
Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz (adapter included).

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