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Complete Kit Sock Sock:
- Well designed and ergonomic quality model.
- Adaptable: the user remains comfortably seated without contortion. Full autonomy.
- Facilitates clothing.
- Compact and nomadic

Technical data

  • Color gray and white
  • Dimensions in cm 17 x 34 x 42
  • Power supply non
  • Net weight (G) 445
  • Material ABS
  • Standards CE
  • Guarantee 3 years

Detailed description

Complete kit to help the user to put on and put on socks and low ends. Composed of a very ergonomic sock sock and a shoehorn.
The sock is articul, flexible, adaptable, safe, ergonomic and easy to use. Thus the user does not need to bend down: the sock thread fits.
1 The user remains comfortably seated on a chair or an armchair.
2 Place the Sockee on a table and place the sock.
3 Place the Sockee a chair foot (with the special extension up to 42 cm) to hold it in place.
4 Put socks and stockings on easily. The most produced: use the shoe included to finalize the clothing and put the shoes.
It can also be used to remove socks and stockings. Use for right foot and left foot. D mountable, it can be easily stored and can be easily transported during trips and trips.
Dimensions fold: L.17 x D.34 x H10 cm. Inner dimension for the passage of the calf: 11 cm.

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