Folding Monochristallin Solar panel 60W

Solar panelsFolding Monochristallin Solar panel 60W

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Folding Monochristallin Solar panel 60W

Folding Monochristallin Solar panel 60W
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Folding solar panel:
- Compact and light: easily carried in a suitcase or backpack
- Compatible with Orium> 450Wh autonomous batteries
- Efficient with its monocrystalline solar panel
- IP65 waterproof

Technical data

  • Color black
  • Dimensions in cm 29 x 17 x 7
  • Power supply non
  • Net weight (G) 1500
  • Material PET, EVA, TPT
  • Standards CE, ROHS
  • Guarantee 3 years

Detailed description

Allows you to recharge a 36V autonomous battery
Compact solar panel thanks to its folding format: once folded, the panel barely measures the size of an A4 sheet.
Folded dimensions: 29 * 16 * 7 cm / Unfolded: 164 * 29 * 0.2 cm
Efficient: uses monocrystalline solar cells (technology used in most domestic solar installations). Grade A
Delivers 60watt - Voltage 36V
Supplied with universal cable MC4 (length 75cm) => makes it compatible with many other solar installations.
Waterproof: IP65
4 fixing eyelets: easy to fix using a cord or carabiner.
Panel suitable with Orium autonomous energy generators: 39134 (500Wh), 39150 (1000W) and above.
Remember to equip yourself with the adapter ref. 36033 MC4 => GX16 socket
Accessory available: pair of 2 meter MC4 extension cable ref. 36034
Possibility of connecting 2 panels in parallel to increase the power (you must connect two panels of the same voltage). To connect 2 panels: equip yourself with the pair of MC4 multi-branch connector ref. 36032

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