Insect hotel H26cm FSC® certified 100%

Pests and Ecological RepellerInsect hotel H26cm FSC® certified 100%

Insect hotel H26cm FSC® certified 100%

Insect hotel H26cm FSC® certified 100%
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Insect hotels:
- Small model: suitable for small spaces (terrace, balcony)
- Several cavities to attract various species
- eco: contributes to biodiversity, insect protection, and avoids the use of pesticides

Technical data

  • Color gray or pink
  • Dimensions in cm 13 x 8.5 x 26
  • Net weight (G) 440
  • Material Pine
  • Standards Fsc

Detailed description

Small Shelter for insects to attract, retain and offer them a breed that allows them to reproduce and spend the winter. The aim of attracting beneficial insects is to control plant pests, thus avoiding the harmful use of pesticides, but also ensuring pollination and biodiversity. H such insects in generous format: consider installing it close to the vegetation so that the insects can feed nearby Offers several cavities to attract various insectivores:
- pine cones to attract ladybugs ( large consumers of aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, larvae)
- Bamboo perches for solitary bees (for pollination), solitary guts (predators of larvae, white grubs, caterpillars, aphids, shortworms), and osmies
- butterfly slit (pollinator)
- pieces of bark: for ladybug, earwigs and cassabes
panach Carton8 roses / 8 gray

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