Decem magnifying glass

Reading MagnifierDecem magnifying glass

Decem magnifying glass

Decem magnifying glass
  • Ref.25569


Magnifying glass:

- Hands free use.
- Large lens: diameter 6 cm.
- Power of magnification: x 10.
- LED lighting.
- Autonomy: up to 12 hours.

Technical data

  • Color White
  • Dimensions in cm 7 x 9 x 3.8
  • Power supply USB
  • Net weight (G) 110
  • Material ABS
  • Standards CE, ROHS
  • Guarantee 3 years

Detailed description

Reading magnifier. Keep your hands free: no need to hold it in your hand. Convenient for people with grip disorders.
Comfortable and handy use: it simply lands and slides on reading stand.
Acrylic lens: diameter 6 cm. Magnification: x 10.
Equipped with a white LED for a better reading convenience. Can be used as a clipboard also on a desk.
Supplied accessories: 1 cleaning wipe for lens and 1 storage cover for protection.
Power supply: rechargeable battery (300 mAh). USB cable (supplied).
Autonomy: 12 hours.

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