Master CO2 air quality monitor Quaelis 12

Indoor Air QualityMaster CO2 air quality monitor Quaelis 12

Master CO2 air quality monitor Quaelis 12

Master CO2 air quality monitor Quaelis 12
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CO2 monitor for Indoor Air Quality:

- Enables continuous monitoring: for measures and display.

- Match professionals needs and requirements: office, schools, Public Access Building...

- Audible alert.

- Big digits for good readibility.

- Wall mounting.

Technical data

  • Color black
  • Dimensions in cm 39.2 x 29.2 x 4.2
  • Power supply 230 V
  • Net weight (G) 1400
  • Material ABS
  • Standards CE, ROHS
  • Guarantee 2 years

Detailed description

Model Quaelis 12 enables real-time and continuous monitoring of CO2 concentration in the room. Measures are displayed on screen.
It enables to comply with law decree n° 2015-1000 of August 17 2015 regarding Indoor Air Quality monitoring process.
As soon as it is plugged in, it can display CO2 concentration values permanently (value display up to 9999 ppm). Technology: NDIR sensor. Self calibration system.
For easy reading and understanding: icons color indicate room's air quality to take appropriate actions:
Green: from 0 to 600 ppm. Air quality is good.
Orange: from 601 to 1200 ppm. Refresh ambien air.
Red: above 1200 ppm. Open and ventilate.
In addition, an audible alarm will sound when poor value is reached. Alert setting can be customised.
Additional functions: temperature (°C and °F) and humidity display.
Big digits allow good contrast.
Large and high digits: 7.5 cm (for CO2 display) and 3.7 cm (for temperature and humidity).
Wall mounting (fixing set is included).
Power supply: 230 V ~ 50 Hz (adapter supplied).

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