Rechargeable power station IZYWATT 168

Portable power station IZYWATTRechargeable power station IZYWATT 168

Rechargeable power station IZYWATT 168

Rechargeable power station IZYWATT 168
  • Ref.39108


Solar mobile kit:
- Autonomous energy generator: solar power
- Multiple uses possible thanks to the multiple connections: USB, 12V, cigarette lighter
- Compact format: mobile kit that can be used in camping, hunting, fishing ...

Technical data

  • Color green
  • Dimensions in cm 20.6 x 11 x 24
  • Power supply 1* batterie AGM 14Ah
  • Net weight (G) 4000
  • Material ABS
  • Standards CE, ROHS
  • Guarantee 2 years

Detailed description

pack consisting of a battery and a solar panel
Produces energy independently thanks to its solar power: allows you to charge mobile devices and more.
Small but strong: ultra compact and light format. Can be easily transported from one place to another in the garden shed (no wire to pull), but also during excursions, hunting, fishing ...
Restores 168Wh
Some examples of use: 30W fan: 3 hours of autonomy - 65W TV / computer: 2 hours of autonomy - 10W tablet: 2 days of autonomy - 5W phone: 3 days of autonomy - 2 LED lamps 3W: 4 nights of autonomy.
Battery life indicator light
Included in the kit:
- 2 10W polycrystalline solar panels
- 2 LED lamps 3W 300lm
- 1 12V 14Ah battery
Technical characteristics :
- 6 USB port
- 2 5.5mm 12V jack sockets
- 1 12V cigarette lighter socket
Possibility to charge the battery from the mains (2A charger supplied): ideal for an initial charge or before traveling. Then use the solar panel for total autonomy

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