Pack power station IZYWATT 150 + solar panel 30W

Packs IZYWATTPack power station IZYWATT 150 + solar panel 30W

Pack power station IZYWATT 150 + solar panel 30W

Pack power station IZYWATT 150 + solar panel 30W
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Rechargeable electric generator
- 3 charging modes: 230V or solar or car charger
- Multiple uses: outdoor, modelism, camping or hunting / fishing, or just daily use
- Numerous charging ports depending on the devices
- Mobile and light

Technical data

  • Color Green and grey
  • Dimensions in cm 22 x 15 x 5
  • Power supply 1* Li-On 11.1V 13.2A
  • Net weight (G) 3800
  • Material ABS
  • Standards CE, ROHS
  • Guarantee 2 years

Detailed description

Rechargeable battery which produces energy, including solar power: recharges mobile devices and more.
When to use :
1. travelling : in train, car, plane or boat, it gives more energy to your mobile devices (watch movie for example, you can be free without thinking about your battery's autonomy)
2. Excursion : camping, trek, hunting, fishing
Two main types of us :
1. To charge batteries' devices (mobile phone, laptop, pad, bluetooth speaker, electrical scooter, drone or electrical powertools)
2. To supply energy to LED lamp, radio, alarm clock, television, for meal : cooler, kettle, 12V fan...)
Restores up to 146Wh
Included :
- 1 lithium battery 11.1V 13.2Ah 146Wh with inverter 120W modified sinus
- Charger 230V 2A 16V
Technical features:
- 2 USB ports
- 1 USB QC 3.0
- 1 USB C
- 1 x 5.5mm 12V jacks
- 1 x 12V cigarette lighter adaptor
- 1 x 230V sockets NF
- Digital display indicating the remaining battery
Possibility to charge the battery on mains: id al to have an initial charge or before placement Then use the foldable solar panel 30W for total autonomy item # 39131
Exists in complete version #39132 : with Type C bi-directional plug, QI wireless charger, 1W Led light.

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