Portable power station IZYWATT 1500

Portable power station IZYWATTPortable power station IZYWATT 1500

Portable power station IZYWATT 1500

Portable power station IZYWATT 1500
  • Ref.39152


Solar generator:
- Large capacity: up to 1500Wh
- Powerful power converter, making it compatible with a large number of 230V devices
- Ease of use
- Transportable
- Solar Renewable Energy

Technical data

  • Color black and green
  • Dimensions in cm 17.8 x 37 x 29
  • Power supply 150* Li-Ion 3.7V 2600mAh
  • Power supply included yes
  • Net weight (G) 10500
  • Material ABS
  • Standards CE, ROHS
  • Guarantee 2 years

Detailed description

This solar rechargeable battery is equipped with a 230V converter and a PwM solar controller, all in a compact box, making it easily transportable. Its 1500W inverter can power a large number of electrical devices or rechargeable: from the computer to the small refrigerator, from the grinder to the electric lawn mower ... Many uses thanks to its many outputs (5V, 12V , 24V and 230 V) and simultaneously.
Ease of use: simply connect the device to the appropriate connectors.
No running costs, no maintenance every 100 hours as a conventional gasoline generator.
This external battery can be charged by solar panel: we recommend the folding model 120W (ref 39154) for which 13 hours under the rays of the sun are necessary, or the flexible model 150W (ref 39155) where it will take at least 10h under sunshine. You can also connect 2 solar panels in parallel for fast charge.
1. On isolated site (garage or garden shed not connected for example): mobile energy station, can be moved from one point to another, without connection to the electricity network
2. Outdoor: in order to power the devices in motorhome, caravan or van built or when going out hunting, fishing ...
3. Professional use: by building tradesmen who do not always have access to the electricity network, or street vendors who have to supply lamps, demonstration screens, payment terminals ...
4. In case of power failure: this autonomous energy generator can take over in case of power failure of the network.
1. Charge electrical devices equipped with a rechargeable battery: DIY or gardening tools, everyday devices (phone, computer, bluetooth speaker) or device ...
2. Power (live): LED lighting lamps, 12V compressor, TV, small campingcar fridge, radio, alarm clock, 12V fan, compressor, pond pump.
Battery 22.2V 67.6A soit 1500Wh
Type Lithium-Ion 3200mAh 6S26P
Lifetime 800 to 1000 recharge cycles
LCD dial showing remaining battery and current consumption
USB 2 * 5V 2A max
DC 5521 adaptor 1 * 12V 10A
Cigarette lighter 1 * 12V 10A
NC socket C61-314 1 * 230V 50Hz pure sine wave inverter 1500W max 3000W
LED lamp 2 * 1W
Option to connect an adapter with USB QC (Quick charge) and USB Type C to the lamp-lighter socket (optional accesory # 36035)
Solar Aviation GX16 Plug 36 ~ 55V - solar panel up to 350W (not supplied)
AC charger (230V) supplied 25.2V 10A (about 6 hours for fully charge)

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