Rechargeable power station IZYWATT 500

Portable power station IZYWATTRechargeable power station IZYWATT 500

Rechargeable power station IZYWATT 500

Rechargeable power station IZYWATT 500
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Rechargeable Energy generator
- Multiple possible uses: in a garden shed for tinkering, or camping, or hunting, fishing ...
- Multiple connections = multiple uses, and simultaneous
- Compact and lightweight
- Silent generator

Technical data

  • Color black and green
  • Dimensions in cm 20.6 x 14.9 x 26.6
  • Power supply 42* Li-ion 3.6V 3500mAH
  • Power supply included yes
  • Net weight (G) 4500
  • Material ABS
  • Standards CE, ROHS
  • Guarantee 2 years

Detailed description

This autonomous rechargeable energy generator is an ecological alternative to a small gasoline generator without the disadvantages: this battery is compact, lightweight, portable and silent! Its possible power supply by solar panels makes it completely autonomous, using renewable energy.
Multiple uses thanks to its versatile power supplies: 5V, 12V and 230V allowing to use several outputs simultaneously.
Lamp function: provides a solution in case of power failure, or excursion / camping ...
Convenient and easy to use
1. Insulated shelter: for garden shed,
2. Outdoor: camping, trekking, hunting, fishing, drone
3. For professional use: by artisans who are constantly on the move and do not always have access to the electricity network, or street vendors to supply their TPE for example
4. In backup battery in case of power failure, bad weather ...
1. Charge mobile devices: phone, tablet, laptop, bluetooth speaker, camera, on-board camera, electric scooters, hoverboard, drone ... but also the batteries of power tools, pool robot...
2. Power (in live): LED lighting, electric garland, radio, alarm clock, TV, lunchbox or electrical cooler, 12V fan, compressor, pond pump ...
In order to make this backup battery completely autonomous: equip yourself with the 60W 36V solar panel (like our model 39153). It will take about 8h30 to fully charge the battery under the rays of the sun or 120W (our model 39154) a little more than 4 hours will be necessary.
Battery 22.2V 22.4A 497Wh
Type Lithium-Ion 3200mAh 6S7P
Lifetime 800 to 1000 recharge cycles
LCD dial showing remaining battery and current consumption
USB 2 * 5V 2A max
DC 5521 1 * 12V 10A
Cigarette lighter 1 * 12V 10A
NC socket C61-314 1 * 230V 50Hz pure sine wave inverter 500W max 1000W
LED lamp 2 * 1W
Option to connect an adapter with USB QC (Quick charge) and USB Type C to the lamp-lighter socket (optional accesory # 36035)
Solar Aviation GX16 Plug 36 ~ 55V up to 200W (not supplied)
AC charger (230V) supplied 25.5V 3A (about 6h30 for fully charge)

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