Solar chase away moles

Pests and Ecological RepellerSolar chase away moles

Solar chase away moles

Solar chase away moles
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Variable frequency for a formidable efficiency! Total autonomy of it chases away solar mole: easy to install, once crashed, the consumer has to make nothing more - work night and day, 365 days a year-

Technical data

  • Color Green
  • Dimensions in cm 15.5 x 15.5 x 31.5
  • Power supply 1* AA NiMh 1,2V 800mAh
  • Power supply included yes
  • Net weight (G) 300
  • Material ABS and aluminium
  • Standards CE/ROHS
  • Guarantee 3 years

Detailed description

Variable frequency: allows not to accustom the harmful to it repulsive.
The first 2 days: "Di"
The next 2 days: "Di Di Di"
The next 3 days: "Di Di Di Di Di"
In the 7th day: repeat the cycle
- The sunrays reload batteries of it chase away mole thanks to the solar panel:
- Push away the moles thanks to the emission of small vibrations which only the harmful can feel.
Autonomous: it is simply enough to crash it in the ground, directed as much as possible to the sunrays
Wide covered surface: 500 m ²
Wide amorphous solar panel: 7X9 cm - Works even when days are cloudy even rainy

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