Swiveling helm of support for bed

BedrailSwiveling helm of support for bed

Swiveling helm of support for bed

Swiveling helm of support for bed
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A helm of bed very practical in the multiple functions:

- Reassuring to avoid the falls at night.
- Swivelling to go out of the bed.
- Stable to take support.
- Adjustable in height to adapt itself to your bed.
- Supplied dress handkerchief of arrangement.

Technical data

  • Color black
  • Dimensions in cm 90 x 26 x 95
  • Net weight (G) 7000
  • Material steel
  • Guarantee 3 years

Detailed description

Stainless steel manufacturing and epoxy paint.
The swivelling helm of support offers multiple features to the user:
- A wide barrier (89 cms) which allows to avoid fall harm when the helm is completely unfolded.
- A swivelling side part which allows to facilitate the release of the bed thanks to a simple pressure on the button of opening.
- Adjustable height on 7 levels (from 71.5 cms to 95 cms) to fit the furniture (mattress 1 and 2 people) and in the size of the user. The height is easily adjustable thanks to the wide ergonomic thumb wheel.
It is also equipped with two dress handkerchiefs of arrangement to facilitate the access to objects at night (glasses, water, books).
The helm can be placed on both sides of the bed.
The advantage of this helm of support is that it is directly put on the ground on a wide foot for a stable support.

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