Tablet organizer Round and Push

PilboxTablet organizer Round and Push

Tablet organizer Round and Push

Tablet organizer Round and Push
  • Ref.25366


To follow the taking of medicine and have a compact tablet organizer at hand, equip you of this tablet organizer round and Push easy to use. Press on the button to pass in the following grip, open the mask and take your medicine.

Technical data

  • Color purple
  • Dimensions in cm 9.3 x 2.2 x 9.3
  • Power supply non
  • Net weight (G) 50
  • Material PP
  • Guarantee 3 years

Detailed description

Round and ergonomic tablet organizer with lid of translucent color to visualize days and grips.
It is enough to press on the central button to make turn the tablet organizer. That this passes in the following compartment to release medicine. The user can follow so better the grips.
Equipped with 7 compartments: for every day of the week or for daily grips according to the needs for the user.
Compact and light size for a nomadic use: skips easily and discreetly into a bag for the travels and the journeys.
Use in 3 steps: fill and distribute medicine, rest to make turn and take medicine.

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