Winter garden 10m²

Floor Outdoor DecorationWinter garden 10m²

Winter garden 10m²

Winter garden 10m²
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Take advantage of its outside space quite that very year by fresh, ideal weather for:
- Relaxing space for the parents
- Play area for the children,
- Greenhouse for plants
- Shelter for jacuzzy
Turnkey solution: easy to rise

Technical data

  • Color transluent
  • Dimensions in cm 280 x 280 x 200
  • Power supply non
  • Power supply included no
  • Net weight (G) 13000
  • Material PVC
  • Guarantee 3 years

Detailed description

A transparent igloo of 3,6m of diameter: we can easily fit out there a garden furniture, a dining table, a play area for the youngest, even to use it as shelter for spa / jacuzzy. Possibility also to welcome some fragile plants there during wintry period.
Allows to take advantage of the outside luminosity in a hermetic space during the rather fresh periods.
Economic and removable solution to a porch.
Mobile amounts and disassemble easily-: can be easily to move
Its round shape allows:
- To take advantage of a period of sunshine all day long,
- To distribute the heat in a uniform way inside the bubble
- To support easily gusts of wind 1 main opening + 2 windows
Diameter 3.6m - Height: 2,2m - approximately 10m ² of surface
Structure in PVC, transparent cover, metallic crowbars, screw and ankle, weight, note supplied
Resist the wind up to 50-60 kph - Waterproof -
Approximately 120 minutes for assembly
A version spring / summer is possible: cover semi-opened to allow to pass more the air and bring of the shade

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