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Office clocks : the ORIUM® solution !

The blogOffice clocks : the ORIUM® solution !


01 August 2019

Orium® clocks to equip the offices !

With a range of more than 350 references, Orium®, a brand distributed by AIC International, specializes in clocks and in particular the office clock.

Orium® is a brand recognized and acclaimed by the largest distributors, and by the various distribution channels.

A trademark registered in 1996, Orium® has been able and able to adapt to changes in the market, to the demands. Orium® has a real experience and knowledge of clock technology for over 23 years. Orium® masters the different displays (analog, digital or LED), the different technologies (Controlled Radio, DST), the different movements (Sweep, Step), the different options (with display of the date, the temperature). Different formats, shapes and colors, from letter display to number display, various materials… from the basic quartz clock to the sharper Radio Controlled clock, you’ll inevitably find the clock that matches your expectations, budgets and needs.

Orium®, a quality brand !

This wide range of Orium® clocks and alarm clocks is constantly renewed and improved. Orium® pays particular attention to the quality of its clocks which are all guaranteed 3 years. All Orium®  clocks meet the highest standards and regulations.

Orium®, a brand with recognized services !

The efficiency of our service lies in our responsiveness, agility and quality of monitoring our customers thanks to an efficient, involved and dynamic team and our storage in our warehouses in Ste Luce sur Loire, a suburb of Nantes (France). Order tracking is provided on the desired delivery conditions. Logistics are fully internalized and more than 2000 pallets are stored in our 1300 m2 warehouse.

Orium®, Live full time !

You would like more professional informations about our range of ORIUM®clocks, please visit our website and don’t hesitate to contact our commercial services on +33 (0)228.230.651 or by email