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Our products Orium and Hestec in the store “Bien chez Moi *”, new “Mousquetaires'”commercial brand

The blogOur products Orium and Hestec in the store “Bien chez Moi *”, new “Mousquetaires'”commercial brand


08 November 2018

Beginning of October, the commercial brand " Les Mousquetaires" inaugurated its shop "Bien chez Moi *" of 200 m2 in a commercial gallery of the "Intermarché" of Flers in the Orne (France). New concept in France, where the approach of ageing is done in a non-stigmatizing, more positive way. The products offer, adapted to the elderly, is oriented in the fields of leisure, health, relaxation and products making life easier. The environment is very nice, modern, airy, spacious and bright. The atmosphere is peaceful, surrounded by soft music. The shop is resolutely oriented senior, however many of the products can be addressed to all.

* Feeling Well at home

About thirty of our products from our registered brands Orium and Hestec have been selected! Indeed, our products are developed in the idea of facilitating the daily lives of people whose actions can become complicated. Our product ranges find their place in the different universes of the store "Bien chez Moi *".

From the phosphorescent controlled radio clock, to the calendar clock with very good readability up to the talking watches, the Orium brand is appreciated by the seniors because the reading of the time is facilitated.

The Hestec brand whose guideline is "and it's easier!" has all its reason to be in the shelves of the store. Thought to bring comfort, safety and well-being to everyday life, our range has been developed in collaboration with an occupational therapist and gerontologists anxious to bring more human and better-living in everyday lives and gestures. From the bottle opener to the outdoor step to the universal remote, these products make it easy to do everyday things that can become more complicated becoming older or beeing handicapped.


We wish good luck to this new concept, which could depend on success be developed!

 * Feeling Well at Home