Lighting RC clock  Ø33 cm

Clock Clock for disability

Clock for disability

Orium® provides practical solutions thanks to its specially tailored range of alarm and other clocks.

In fact,  Orium® designs, manufactures and sells alarm and other clocks to reassure and facilitate the everyday lives of people with visual, cognitive, auditive and motricity disabilities.

Clocks to catch the eye (large-figure displays with high contrast and lighting) or audibly catch the attention of the person (vocal and calendar information announced in English) to give them date and time bearings. Clocks with daily events, digital calendar clocks, speaking watches and alarm clocks are designed to help people get their bearings time-wise but are also helpful for people suffering from disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease (display in English, in full and in order).

Thanks to this tailor-made offering, it is easier and reassuring to be able to get your bearings during the day and in good time!