“standard” clock Ø 29,5 cm

AIC International Garden Layout

Garden Layout

AIC International, forerunner of a range of solar powered path several years ago, offers to the Garden world a nice range of solar and decorative products in order to beautify gardens and exteriors, as well as cleverly-designed products to facilitate gardening.

We work closely with professionals in the sector to ensure our products address specific market demands. They are designed to provide the perfect response to expectations of decoration, comfort, and safety.

AIC International offers a beautiful range of more than 300 products answering all the specific requests of the Garden market. The products are designed to meet the expectations of respect for the environment, decoration and comfort for the consumer.

AIC International’s product offering is organized around four main principles:
• Quality
• Price
• Use
• Innovation
In order to meet the specificities of the Garden market , we adapt, develop or create our products. We are also guarantors of compliance with standards and strict compliance with regulations.

Consult our offer and do not hesitate to contact our sales department for more information at + 33 (0) 228.230.651 or by mail: commerce@aic-international.net