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Clever Garden Product Pests and Ecological Repeller

Pests and Ecological Repeller

Orium Garden® offers a selection of cleverly-designed ecological products for riding your garden of the pests and weeds that invade the vegetable path and other planted aeras.

Throughout the year, the garden undergoes the onslaught of various undesirable. They are mainly insects, birds or small animals that may destroy the garden and harm the development of plants. To prevent or remedy these small invaders, Orium Garden® offers a selection of smart ecological products to repel pests invading the garden, vegetable path and other planted aera : reflective animals, slug traps, sun mole hunts … Anxious environment, these products will get rid of different pests in a 100% ecological way by using no pesticides harmful to plants.
This range of products will allow you to keep away the following animals: flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, birds, rodents, wasps, moles …
To promote biodiversity and naturally fight against garden pests, Orium Garden® also suggests a wide range of insect hotels, birdhouses or bird feeders.