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Summer/Winter Time Change on the 28th of October 2018 in France.

The blogSummer/Winter Time Change on the 28th of October 2018 in France.


03 October 2018

The changeover from summer  time to winter time will be during the night of Saturday 27th of October  to Sunday 28th of October , more precisely, in France, at 3 a.m., we will have to recede the clocks, watches, awakenings… So we’ll win 1 hour of sleep, so it’ll be 2 in the morning!

We remind you that AIC International offers a nice range of controlled and automatic Radio clocks (equipped with a DST movement) of the ORIUM brand, thanks to which the time changes are made automatically. No manipulation to do!

The clocks equipped with the DCF77 controlled radio movement receive waves emitted by the Frankfurt atomic clock antenna within a radius of 1500 Km, or in the most majority of Europe.

Advantage of the radio controlled movement :

When inserting the batteries or getting started, the clock will detect the waves emitted by the antenna, and adjust itself at the right time and on the right date. This makes it much easier to use because there is no manipulation to do, and saves time for users.

In addition, we remind you of the reliability and accuracy of the controlled Radio clocks: Every day, throughout the year, the schedules equipped with this movement will slow down at the exact time!


Discover our range of controlled and automatic Radio clocks and do not hesitate to consult our commercial services at + 33 (0)228.230.651 or by email at the following address:

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