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The Facili’Cube, new product from AIC International, awarded 2 times!

The blogThe Facili’Cube, new product from AIC International, awarded 2 times!

New product

05 October 2018

The Facili’Cube, a knee-rest that is noticed! Award winning two times in 2018!

First of all, the CMEM, (multi-station materials center), at the Salon B2B Habitat in June 2018. Then, most recently, in September, by Manutan, (the European leader in distributing industrial products, consumables and business services, from office supplies to computer equipment and facilities, with more than 100,000 references). At their supplier Event Exhibition in September 2018, receiving the “Most Innovative Product” award.

The Facili’Cube, product made in France, a patented product, is an AIC International exclusive of the Mundus brand.

The Facili’Cube is a knee rest to be used without moderation in all the tasks of the daily which requires to be on knee: gardening, DIY, cleaning, maintenance, building to facilitate the task and improve the comfort of the person.

See the product sheet

Lightweight, sturdy styrofoam of the Arpro,100% recyclable, non-polluting brand. It is easily transportable, equipped with a storage bin. Its large support handle makes it easier to move from the standing position to the knee position. A true innovation in gestures, this handle offers its user an ease never equalled to reach the position “on the knees” and return to the upright position safely. Its large handle is also appreciated, among other things, in order to be able to lay the tiles easily in order to prepare the gluing. The knee resting part, with memory of shape, wide of 39.5 cm, allows to put one or both knees for a comfortable work and also avoid getting dirty. The Facili’Cube also allows to limit musculoskeletal disorders.


Feel free to request our commercial service at +33 (0)228.230.651 or by email at for more information on the Facili’Cube knee rest.