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The Pillbox, the effective way to manage the medication!

The blogThe Pillbox, the effective way to manage the medication!


15 May 2018

When taking a medicine, it is important to respect its “prescription”. The instructions to be taken into account include the dose for each intake, the total dose during the day and the duration of treatment. The pillbox, the solution for complying with the prescribed dosage.

Dosage is the quantity of medication needed for each intake. Taking the initiative to increase the doses, for example because it is imagined that the efficacy of the drug will thus be improved, may expose to an “overdose” and to effects that can be serious. Conversely, reducing the quantity taken by imagining to reduce the risk of adverse events exposes the drug to a partial or complete loss of efficacy.

The Pillbox, the effective way to manage the medication!

Many people of all ages need to take a daily treatment. Sometimes it is a question of being able to benefit from the beneficial contribution of food supplements, other times, it is necessary to be able to fight effectively against a long-term condition, or even to compensate for the effects of age.

Sometimes the dosage is set up gradually by increasing the doses little by little. This approach, in particular, identifies the minimum effective dose that could lead to the minimum of adverse effects. This gradual increase in dosage must be respected when it is indicated for a drug.

The timing and frequency of catches, as well as how to absorb the drug, are also specified. It is essential to follow these instructions and not, for example, take the dose of the day at once if several catches are planned. Some medications should be taken on an empty stomach, others during meals.


And if instead of opening one to one your medication boxes, to take a pill or decipher a long prescription, you were making the choice of a pillbox?


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