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To the end of the Change of Time in Europe?

The blogTo the end of the Change of Time in Europe?

AIC International

21 November 2018

A consultation was launched this summer by the European Commission to find out whether the Europeans wanted the end of the time change. More than 4 million (out of more than 511 million EU-account) of people answered. 80% of them were in favour of the suppression of summer-time changes in winter.

For information, the 28 member countries of the European Union currently live in 3 different time zones.

The President of the European Commission, Mr Jean Claude Junker, said he wanted to end the time changes (Winter and Summer Time). Each Member State shall then be free to choose the time (summer or winter) to which it wishes to accede and shall notify it no later than April 2019. Therefore, the last mandatory time change for daylight saving time could take place on March 31, 2019 for summer time and October 27, 2019 for the winter time.

However, following a meeting of the European Transport Ministers on 29th October 2018 in Graz, the latter called for a postponement of the end of the time change, in question the disagreements and technical challenges of such a rapid implementation of such a measure. The Scandinavian countries, for example, do not have the same view as those in the Mediterranean aera… The Swedish, British and Polish transport ministers are opposed to the abandonment of time change… “Airlines will at least need 18 months ” according to the Austrian Transport Minister….

The Ministers therefore advise that the deadline should be postponed to 2021 in order for the reform to have the support of all States. They will decide on their official position on the 3rd of December 2018.

The final verdict should take place next March, when the European Council and Parliament decide on the Commission’s proposal.

As a specialist of the hour with our brand ORIUM, we wanted to keep you informed and we will do so over the various major stages.

We also want to reassure you: most of the clocks concerned, equipped with a radio-controlled or automatic movement, will be compatible (if this is really effective!) at the new time. Indeed, on the one hand, there is a high probability that we will stay at the same time as Germany, so that the Frankfurt antenna. And on the other hand, our digital clocks offer a time zone setting, and the automatic summer/winter time change function is disabled for our automatic clocks (DST).

We will  keep you informed of the rest of the events.

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