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Why don’t we go to the solar?

The blogWhy don’t we go to the solar?


18 April 2019

Solar electricity allows to free itself from the stresses of the current on the mains but its efficiency depends on the available power.

How does solar work?
Solar electricity is produced by silicon-based photovoltaic cells, a semiconductor material. Specifically, when the photons of light come into contact with this material, they transmit their energy to silicon electrons which then generate an electrical voltage. This energy is stored during the day and released at nightfall to illuminate the LED of the solar product. But what is important is the intensity of the current generated. It is in fact proportional to the sunshine, thus to the state of the sky and the time of day.

Where to install the panels?
The panels must always be installed in direct sunlight, regardless of the size and use of the panel. No obstacle should hinder, it would cause shadows and would then drop production. Their orientation is also paramount, the ideal to the south. Their inclination is also important. To improve their performance, it is essential to clean them regularly with a soft cloth.

Lamps, Solar terminals : very practical!
Solar products are easy to install and offer many advantages. No wires to shoot, as they are self-contained and automatically illuminated without any intervention, on the condition of having them exposed to light during the day. At nightfall, the sun decorations will illuminate and highlight the exteriors as if by magic!

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