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World Sight Day

The blogWorld Sight Day


08 October 2019

« World Sight Day is dedicated every year to the problem of blindness in the world; it aims to raise awareness of the prevention and treatment of loss of visual acuity. The protests, which take place, draw attention to the right to view. The day focuses on governments' commitment to facilitate access to health services for the prevention and treatment of eye conditions. »


On the occasion of World Sight Day, we wanted to introduce you to products that facilitate problems related to everyday vision problems. Indeed, the Daily can become complicated with visual disturbances! However, in France 96% of people aged 50 and over have vision problems. Read a newspaper, read a book, know the time, thread a needle, find a coin, move around... all these actions can become difficult.


The Hestec® brand, a brand of Aic International, aims, among other things, to offer products that facilitate the daily lives of people with visual disorders. Products thoughtful by our product managers in collaboration with an occupational therapist. Concerned about the well-being and ageing well, the Hestec brand®, for more than 10 years, is addressing the comfort and autonomy market on the Daily. A nice range of products at reasonable prices to allow access to all.


Some Hestec products® that can provide solutions to visual disorders:

Loupe Pausare

Réveil parlant

Télécommande universelle

Montre parlante

Mémo Phone

Horloge Contraste

Horloge à date à volets Visuel

Kit d’éclairage Lumia

These products are just one extract from our wide range! Don't hesitate to check our online commercial services on +33 (0)228.230.651 or by email: We will be happy to respond to all your professional requests.

Hestec®, And it's Easier!