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Zinc in the garden!! A timeless!

The blogZinc in the garden!! A timeless!

Zinc & Jardin

22 March 2019

The beautiful days and spring are coming! It’s time to think about the outdoors and put the plants in pots for the new season!


To enhance your plants, we offer you our range of galvanized zinc pots and containers. Manufactured in Europe, of recognised quality and acclaimed, they are guaranteed for 10 years. They are made of sheet steel from 0.5 to 1.2 mm thick and then plunged into a molten zinc bath. Their hot galvanizing treatment allows them to resist in time, without any alteration and gives them this impeccable quality! We have been in control of their manufacturing for over 12 years. They do not rust, do not fear frost! They skate with time which gives them a timeless aspect that we never get tired of. They will decorate all the green spaces throughout the year.  Discover our range

Thanks to a removable plug, they can also decorate the interiors (showcases, entrances, reception halls, living rooms…). Their round handles are not only useful for transport and for their displacement but also give them a pleasant and unique visual appearance!

Our zinc pots and containers give an authentic and timeless side to your decoration and to your exteriors!


The range has been complemented with colorfull products, different shapes and capacities for a wide and coherent offer. Watering, wall pots, buckets, baskets all embellished with a nice wooden handle. Discover our range

Our commercial services are at your disposal for any additional professional information concerning our brand “Zinc & Jardin®” whose dynamic is “Authenticity to last.”

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