Distribution Network

Distribution Network

French and independent company, AIC International works with the main actors of the distribution.

Vente à distance VPC et web

Distance selling, mail order and WEB


GMS distributeurs et magasins

Distributors and Stores


Grossistes et intermédiaires

Wholesalers and Intermediates


This experience allows AIC International to adapt to the specific requests of each customer, to be responsive and to be able to satisfy multichannel requests (Web, Stores, Catalogs).

Distance selling, Mail Order, WEB:

• Sourcing products
• Certification by Drop Tests
• Labeling, packaging compliance, reassortment
• Respect logistical constraints and deadlines
• Dedicated commercial operations
• Capacity to make your own brand and selling order packaging
• After Sales and Order Options Management
• Management of framework and national contracts
• Direct Delivery Home possible
• Internet tool to make product selection

vente a distance Aic International

Distributors and Shops

• AIC International is a referent for major brands
• Reactivity, creation of exclusive models and on request
• Ability to source and design specific products
• Frequent renewal of product lines
• Specific labeling, adaptable packagings
• Marketing concept
• Entering the matrices of referencing
• Franco and packaging adaptable to stores
• Offers adapted to the brand, sedentary and itinerant commercial follow-up
• Management Contracts Management and After Sales Service


AIC International has a strong reputation among the main players in the market.

• Ability to source specific products
• Product design and development
• Adapted commercial offers and after-sales management
• Provision of tools (HD visuals, data sheets ...)
• Seizure of referencing matrices
• Sedentary and itinerant commercial follow-up
• Special orders, private label management
• Reactivity on express orders
• Respect of delivery times


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