Our services

Our services

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1 - Sourcing

AIC International is aware of trends and changes in consumer needs and is constantly at work to source, find and develop essential products. Our demanding selection criteria guarantee you excellent product quality.

Product development

2 - Product development

In order to respond to the specific features of your markets, we adapt or create our products. We also guarantee compliance with standards and the strict observance of regulations.

developpement produits


3 - Marketing

A traveling and sedentary sales team is at your disposal. We have an efficient CRM solution adapted to yoour needs. We develop and make available to your various marketing and merchandising tools (packaging, videos, point-of-sale information and advertising, micro concepts, HD photos, printed documents, etc…)


4 - Logistics

 The efficiency of our service reflects our responsiveness and agility in the quality of the follow-up for our customers. We guarantee your order follow-up and the best delivery terms (FOB, DDP up to LDD) thanks to 100% internalized logistics.