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18 Apr 2019

Why don’t we go to the solar?

Solar electricity allows to free itself from the stresses of the current on the mains but its efficiency depends on the available power. How does solar work? Solar electricity is produced by silicon-based photovoltaic cells, a semiconductor material. Specifically, when the photons of light come into contact with this material, they transmit their energy to silicon electrons which then generate an electrical voltage. This energy is stored during the day and released at nightfall to illuminate the LED of the […]

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19 Jun 2019

The Quality of the Indoor Air, it is time to worry about it !

According to an alarming report by UNICEF on 4 April 2019 *, three out of four children breathe toxic air in France!!! In fact, based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization, UNICEF has been able to establish this terrible observation! Children are indeed even more concerned with air quality because they spend more time outdoors, their respiratory devices are growing, and by their size they are closer to the pollutants…. It is therefore necessary to be concerned!! The […]

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