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For 30 years, AIC International has been able to adapt to the evolution of market and the expectations of consumers. The company has developed its skills and expertise in the fields of :  measure, energy, gardening and personal comfort to meet the needs and expectations of its consumers.

With a solid team, the company offers a high performance service, tailored each customer, and has the flexibility and dynamism of a human-sized structure.

Our product managers and engineers work together ton find the right product, to improv functionality and performance.

From product idea to delivery, everything is internalised, which is the great strength of AIC International and allows a great reactivity.

AIC International has the will, under Orium brand, to propose smart and innovative products.

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New product

26 May 2020

Products that help barrier gestures

As part of coronavirus prevention, barrier actions have been put in place. AIC International offers product solutions to live in the healthiest environment possible. Indeed, it is important to protect yourself but also to protect those around you. The products presented in this catalogue help to limit the spread of the virus, and thus be able to work and live as serenely as possible. Our teams have worked on a range of products such as: UV disinfection lamps UV disinfection […]

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