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On the brink of 30 years’ experience in the world of time (clocks, alarms, watches), the weather and decoration, Orium® is now one of the principal market leaders. Thanks to its experience, renown, responsible attitude and wide range of products with over 350 different items being constantly renewed to meet demand, trends and the right price, Orium® is a brand that matches the times!

Orium® – the historic brand of AIC International!

Set up and registered as a trademark in 1996, backed by a wealth of experience and expertise in the world of clocks and weather stations, Orium® is one of the principal market leaders.

The brand has developed and tailored its products to changes in the market and demand since it was set up. It offers a range with over 350 different items: technical, classic, decorative, trendy, functional, original and exclusive products.  More than half of them are permanently maintained and stored in our warehouses: the range is continually being updated by our product managers by visiting the various trade shows throughout the world or by developing specific, exclusive products.

A timeless brand in the spirit of the day!

Orium® offers an attractive range of trendy, decorative clocks to embellish your walls indoors and out. From classic to contemporary modes, large and small clocks for every taste, price or trend!

A brand renowned in the office market!

We distribute our clocks to most of the players in the office equipment market that appreciate our wide range of large and small clocks for the office. Orium® tailors its products to the requirements, developments and demands of the market.

A brand always on time!

Orium® has expertise in all the various types of clock movements:

  • from analogue to silent quartz movements (Sweep) or Step
  • automatic: DST or radio-controlled clocks show the exact time to the second all year round as well as automatic changes between summer and winter time.

Analogue, digital or LED displays to meet every need and fancy.

Multifunction clocks with calendar and temperature displays.

A reassuring, helpful brand!

Orium® designs clocks and alarm clocks to improve personal comfort by helping people get their bearings time-wise and providing solutions to cope with:

  • visual impairment: clocks with large figures, alarms with large numbers, speaking watches and alarm clocks, luminescent or backlit alarm clocks, luminescent clocks, high-contrast clocks, etc.
  • cognitive disabilities: clocks, watches and alarm clocks with a calendar function for people to get their bearings at a glance: day/date/month in letters, the week or even the year – 24-hour clocks, clocks with the day and date, etc.
  • hearing difficulties: a vibrating alarm clock or one with a loud ring tone or a flashing function, etc.
  • motricity disabilities: clocks, alarm clocks and watches that are easy to set, automatic time/date updating to limit user operations.

Educative clocks to learn to tell the time.

The Orium® brand meets the various standards currently in force on the European market.

Orium®, fully in tune with the times!