Wake up Light with radio Serenity

Orium Measure Alarm Clock, Table Clock

Orium®, a gentle awakening with our alarm clocks and small clocks

The prime function of an alarm clock is to wake you so you get to work, an appointment or the station on time. It is the ideal companion to get you up in a good mood and start the day right.

It is not always pleasant to have to wake up. Not always easy to get up in the morning!

To make it easy to wake up in the morning, Orium® offers a wide choice of alarm and small clocks.

For a gentle wake-up call, opt for an alarm clock with light intensity adjustment. For the visually impaired to improve readability both day and night, an alarm clock with large figures, backlit or with a vibrating alarm. For people hard of hearing there is an alarm clock with a flashing light to give a visual alarm. A compact, travel alarm to slip into your case and be ready for use wherever you are.

What can be more pleasant than to wake up to the sound of nature or with a light imitating daylight with the dawn alarm clock.

At night, the clock continues to tell the time with a LED display. And, for light-sleepers, Orium® has quiet alarm clocks.

Nowadays an alarm clock is a multifunctional object, in addition to telling the time and its snooze function, your alarm clock can also function as a calendar, give the weather forecast and temperature, etc.  An alarm clock or smaller version will also be appreciated as a decorative object in your bedroom or lounge, etc.