Warranty and After Sale Service

Warranty and After Sale Service

Our products are subject to rigorous quality controls. If despite these checks, your device does not work properly, we ask you to contact the after-sales service.

Warranty exclusions:

Limited-life products such as batteries (even rechargeable batteries), LEDs, bulbs, etc. are not returnable.

Warranty conditions (without reducing the legal rights)
1. The warranty has a maximum duration of 2* or 3* years from the date of purchase of the product. (*according to the product)
2. The warranty consists of repair, exchange or refund upon presentation of the purchase invoice.
3. Our warranty is accepted only in case of normal use of the product. It is no longer valid in case of non-use, non-compliance with instructions in the operating instructions, failure to follow safety measures, or if the product has suffered shocks, has undergone transformations or has has been repaired by a service department that has not been validated by AIC International or has been dismantled.
4. Any claim beyond the warranty period can not be taken into account.

Service process

The product is defective,
1. If you need to send a warranty request by email to: sav@aic-international.net
2. AIC International sends back a request for support
3.The client must return by e-mail, within 8 days of receipt of this care, as accurately as possible • The request for care (attached) duly completed
• Reference and description of the product
• Nature of the failure encountered
• Full contact
• Product pictures, if possible showing the defect
• End-user purchase invoice

4. Upon receipt of this email with all the information, AIC International decides whether or not to accept this warranty request.
If it is accepted: to repair, exchange or refund the product.
5. AIC International reserves the right to request the return of the product for verification of the failure.
The return of the product must be in its original packaging, not damaged completely and without missing parts. This return is at the expense of the buyer. Upon receipt of the product, AIC International decides whether or not to accept this warranty claim. If the guarantee is accepted, the exchange is done at the expense of AIC International. If the guarantee is not accepted, AIC International provides a negative answer with the reasons for this decision.

For any additional questions, please send your requests to the After Sale Service :