Waspinator – Wasps Repellent – counter display

Orium Garden Clever Garden Product

Clever Garden Product

Orium Garden® , whose byword is “Everyone in the Garden”, continues to develop a range of ingenious products to preserve the gardens and to bring more comfort to gardening.

In fact, Orium Garden® offers a selection of ecological and cleverly-designed products to repel pests invading vegetable gardens, flowerbeds, clumps, lawns, plantations, fruit trees, and other crops. Concerned about the environment, these products will get rid of the various pests and weeds (flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, ants, birds, rodents, wasps, moles, snakes…) and keep unwanted animals away. This in an ecological way by not using any pesticide harmful to plants.

On the other hand, a range of practical products and ergonomic tools Orium Garden® are developed so that gardening remains a pleasure and to also find more comfort in the garden. Orium Garden® seeks to make gardening, relaxing activity, accessible to as many as possible. Orium Garden® has developed a range of ergonomic tools, improving the gardener’s comfort as well as well thought-out and astute products that facilitate transportation and gardening.