Indoor air quality monitor Quaelis 24

Orium Measure Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality, monitor, measure and analyze the air we breathe on a daily basis.

For our comfort and health, it is important to be concerned about the indoor air’s quality. This quality is influenced by our lifestyle habits, incoming outdoor pollution, indoor pollutants, home’s ventilation……. The population is more and more sensitive to the air they breathe …

AIC International assists you in the implementation of the monitoring of Indoor Air Quality. Thus our products measure, analyze and alert you in case of exceeding the Emission Limit Values through the light and sound indicators.
To equip professional spaces, the establishment receiving public and homes.

Multiple and unsuspected pollution
Some pollutants are diffused regularly in low concentrations (furniture emissions for example) while others have high but specific concentrations, depending on our activities (tobacco smoke, DIY, cleaning products …).

Economic and social challenge
Raise awareness about the issues and risks of indoor air pollution.
Pollution sources?
• Agricultural activity (fertilizer, pesticide, agricultural machinery …)
• Industrial activities (petroleum, building, construction …)
• Road, air, rail and maritime traffic
• Pollens

The device
This concerns the implementation of actions to measure and analyze the indoor air quality of 4 substances: formaldehyde, benzene, carbon dioxide (CO2) and tetrachlorethylene (in case the establishment is located in the same building or in a building adjoining a dry cleaning facility).