eye-wear case and tablet organizer

Pilboxeye-wear case and tablet organizer

eye-wear case and tablet organizer

eye-wear case and tablet organizer
  • Ref.25363


For ever have the main part at hand, equip you of this case 2 in 1 which allows to tidy up your glasses as well as your tablet organizer. Esthetic and discreet model to be used during your travels, journeys...

Technical data

  • Color black
  • Dimensions in cm 16.5 x 7.5 x 5.5
  • Power supply non
  • Net weight (G) 118
  • Material PVC
  • Guarantee 3 years

Detailed description

Esthetic case (in brilliant imitation leather) and Resistance fighter for the arrangement and the protection.
Delivered with a weekly tablet organizer: 1 compartment for every day of the week.
Removable tablet organizer with identification of days.
Perfect safety: equipped with a zipped closure, 2 grip treads to attach the tablet organizer and 2 elastics inside to maintain glasses and tablet organizer.
Discreet model: the user does not have to take out the tablet organizer to use it. It is enough to open the daily compartment.
Color: black.

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