Insect hotel Eden Ø29 FSC® certified 100%

Pests and Ecological RepellerInsect hotel Eden Ø29 FSC® certified 100%

Insect hotel Eden Ø29 FSC® certified 100%

Insect hotel Eden Ø29 FSC® certified 100%
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Insect Hotels:
- Decorative and original by its shape
- Multiple cavities to attract various species
- Eco friendly contributes to biodiversity, insect protection, and avoids the use of pesticides against parasites

Technical data

  • Color natural
  • Dimensions in cm 29 x 6.5 x 29
  • Net weight (G) 1000
  • Material fir
  • Standards Fsc

Detailed description

House for insects to attract them, retain them and offer them a home that allows them to reproduce and overwinter. T
he goal of attracting beneficial insects: protects your garden by fighting against plant pests, while avoiding the harmful use of pesticides. Also ensures pollination and biodiversity. Insect hotel : consider installing it close to the vegetation so that the insects can feed nearby
Offers several cavities to attract various insectivores:
- pine cones to attract ladybugs ( large consumers of aphids, whiteflies, mealybugs, larvae) or Chrysopus (predator of aphids, red spider mites, scale insects)
- bamboo perch for solitary bees (for pollination), solitary gu Larvae, white grubs, caterpillars, aphids, shortworms), and osmies
- Bamboo fagots for ground beetles (slug and snail predators, wireworm larvae, worm larvae, caterpillars, aphids)
- butterfly slit (pollinator)
- Small logs of wood with pieces of corce for earwigs (predators of aphids and small caterpillars)
Wood FSC 100%

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