Lot de 2 hiboux réfléchissants (EN)

Pests and Ecological RepellerLot de 2 hiboux réfléchissants (EN)

Lot de 2 hiboux réfléchissants (EN)

Lot de 2 hiboux réfléchissants (EN)
  • Ref.33039


Lot of 2 repellent owls - Ideal in a kitchen garden to avoid flying pests around the kitchen garden or a fruit tree - Effective thanks to its reflective aspect and its rattling bells - To suspend: easy to install - Decorative

Technical data

  • Color silver
  • Dimensions in cm 44.5 x 20 x 1
  • Power supply non
  • Net weight (G) 70
  • Material ABS

Detailed description

Owl hanging over a kitchen garden or in a fruit tree Flushing: the light will reflect on this owl and will drive away all the birds and other pests approaching it (will replace the old CD hanging in your trees) Double efficiency: a small bell is attached to the leg of each owl: thanks to the wind, the bell will sound and simulate a presence, thus avoiding the needles Lot of 2 flirty owls Rope provided to hang the birds exists in cat form r f. 33357

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