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Father’s day: 16th June 2019 in France !

The blogFather’s day: 16th June 2019 in France !

New product

28 May 2019

An original gift, which will soon become indispensable to all Fathers :

the autonomous battery with solar recharge Mundus®!

The use of electrical appliances continues to increase with the use of phones, laptops, loudspeakers, drones, coolers, portable tools… We are increasingly mobile and in the need to have electricity everywhere and all the time!


  • For all Fathers Handymen:
  • to recharge portable tools
  • to illuminate an isolated shelter
  • For the Fathers Adventurers:
  • to recharge mobile devices (phones, laptops…) during excursions, hikes, camping…
  • to power a lamp, a cooler, a fan, a heater…
  • to recharge the electric bikes
  • For the Party Dads:    
  • for events, to power speakers, lights, radio, computer for play list, rechargeable lamps…
  • for photographers
  • for food trucks
  • For Dads fishermen, hunters:
  • In order to bring electricity in isolated places, to recharge all appliances needing electricity.
  • For the Fathers amateurs of their car:
  • To use car compressors, to be able to vacuum independently.
  • For the dads, drone enthusiasts:
  • In order to be able to recharge the drones in all autonomy and everywhere!

Thanks to the autonomous batteries with solar recharge Mundus® (the « BARS »), the problems of power supply or recharge of electrical appliances are finished! You will have electricity everywhere and all the time! The «  BARS »store solar energy to convert it into electrical energy. This in an economical way (no works), ecological (solar energy). Easy to install, easy to load, easy to move, it’s the solution to have nomadic electricity. The « BARS » are compatible with all electrical devices: standard voltage, but also for the different connectors used (USB Sockets, Jack jacks, cigarette lighter Sockets, 230 volts Sockets).

Nomadic electricity, renewable and ecological thanks to the autonomous battery with solar recharge, the « BARS » Mundus®!

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