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No courant? A shot of « BARS* » and it goes again!

The blogNo courant? A shot of « BARS* » and it goes again!


12 November 2019

Need electricity in a remote or unpowered area? The solution: Mundus® Solar Recharge Autonomous Batteries!

AIC International, sensitive to the environment, was a pioneer in the commercialization of Solar Recharge Autonomous Batteries (BARS) by launching a range of Mundus® batteries in 2009 rechargeable by renewable energies.


The close collaboration between the Product Development department and the commercial department of AIC International, allows us to continuously improve our Batteries according to technologies and the evolution of customer demands and needs. This development of ranges is always done in accordance with the spirit of the BARS*, namely a logic:

  •  Ecological: our batteries store solar energy to convert it into electrical energy.
  • Economics: no installation costs and use of solar energy therefore lower energy consumption costs.
  • Autonomy: Thanks to the storage of solar energy, our batteries can power places without power, recharge electrical appliances on the move or in isolated or unpowered places.
  • Nomadism: our batteries can be easily transported with their handles. They can therefore accompany all individual or business trips.

At the technological level, the BARS* were designed with a spirit in mind:

  •  Plug and Play: The Pack is ready to be used with a very simple start.
  • Universal: batteries have 4 types of sockets, for all devices regardless of their connection (cigarette lighter socket, Jack socket, USB socket, 230V socket).

Autonomous Solar Recharge Batteries may be of interest and individuals and professionals. What we have in common is the need for electricity!

For Professionals:

By working in remote and unpowered locations, BARS* provide sadand and cost-effective electricity, without work and at no cost. Professionals who may be interested are varied: craftsmen, gardeners/landscapers, organizers of outdoor events (festivals, evenings, events such as sporting events, flea markets…), food trucks…

For Individuals:

The use of electrical appliances continues to increase and we can no longer do without them, even when on the move!! BARS* allow a nomadic and eco-friendly solution! Some examples of products to be powered: phone, computer, speaker, drone, bike, scooter, tooling, cooler… When you’re on the go, just recharge them on a BARS*!

Our range of Autonomous Batteries is competitive and meets different needs and demands.

  •  170W to 1500W, lead or lithium battery
  • multi connectors: USB, Jack, cigarette lighter or wall
  • multi voltage: 5V – 12V – 230V; alternative and continuous
  • multi-recharge: solar, 230V or vehicle
  • ability to create its custom battery/solar panel

Our sales department is available for all information. Don’t hesitate to contact them by Mail: or by Phone: + 33 (0)228.230.651


*BARS : Recharge Autonomous Batteries (French abreviation)